From the inception of this blog up until now, my primary focus has been on reaching early financial independence. When I first started out on the journey, I thought it would be an ambitious goal to get to the top of the early FI mountain by age 37.5, so I set that as my [click to continue…]



The markets have been rallying as of late, and many stocks have been able to enjoy basking in the GREEN. As it pertains to gold mining stocks, they have also been surging, which comes as somewhat of a surprise given their recent history of dismal performance.

But if I’ve learned anything with this sector, it’s [click to continue…]


When it comes to junior mining stocks, well, what can I really say? These shares are volatile so it’s extremely important for a speculator to stay on top of the latest news and developments. Just recently, I recommended Rubicon Minerals (RBY/RMX.TO) as a Top Pick, and this morning, the [click to continue…]

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Free money! Who doesn’t love some of that? Well, right now in the junior mining sector, a fantastic arbitrage opportunity exists today that is just begging to be exploited. Recently, on September 01, 2015, First Mining Finance (FFMGF/FF.V) announced that they would purchase Gold Canyon Resources (GDCRF/GCU.V) in an all-shares transaction to acquire [click to continue…]

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The Best Junior Mining Gold Stocks (2015)

by FI Fighter on October 1, 2015

in Precious Metals

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.59.08 PM

By now, I’m sure readers can tell that I’m absolutely convinced that the precious metals sector will rebound in the future, and when it does, I’m anticipating the rise up to be tremendous! Now, when that magical time finally arrives is anyone’s guess (3-5 years, maybe?), and even the best-of-the-best analysts and market forecasters have been dead wrong on their predictions over these past 3-4 years.

Market timing is absolutely impossible, but it ultimately doesn’t matter. Who cares? The most important thing is that you have to be right on the thesis. In short — You win on the buy side of the trade.

Buy right, sit tight, and wait patiently!

Right now, it really doesn’t take a [click to continue…]


Inspirational Film of the Week (September 24, 2015)

by FI Fighter on September 24, 2015

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The following videos will continue along the theme of risk vs. reward, which I have been emphasizing greatly over the last few months. I am also tacking on some additional educational material, the same ones that I have referred to friends and family. I believe these videos will be very beneficial to readers, as they are among some of the best that I have uncovered across the web.

As an early FI centric blog, for the most part, I’m going to stick to the investing side of things (e.g. what I’m buying, my thoughts, strategies, etc.). Obviously, I don’t have a crystal ball, so readers should [click to continue…]



Although I’ve decided to take some time off from this blog to focus on some other important aspects of my life outside of finance, I feel that I would be remiss if I didn’t at least update readers on my current thoughts and strategies.

As always, I will NEVER recommend anything to anyone, and for the most part, I do realize that the investment decisions that I make for myself are NOT suitable for most people out there. Nevertheless, [click to continue…]


Taking Time Off (August 21, 2015)

by FI Fighter on August 21, 2015

in Blog Update, Health Updates

Starting today, I will be taking some time off to get away from everything… I’ll be out of town and hopefully as far as away from technology as possible.

I’m in search of inner peace… I will begin a spiritual journey to better connect myself with our Mother Earth.

It’s time to focus on some other (more important) things than just early FI and finance…

Although the journey to early FI is not yet complete, I believe that I have done everything that I possibly can to position myself for future success. It isn’t always easy, and many of the thoughts and strategies that I have implemented over the years will not resonate with others who are also on the journey.

That’s perfectly fine… If anything, it makes for some great debates and discussions. :)

One thing I’ve realized over the years is this — You have to stay true to yourself.

You won’t always be right… In fact, you’ll probably be wrong more times than right.

But learning doesn’t happen overnight… And in the end, you’ve got to go with your conviction and gut, even if it goes against the grain and popular sentiment.


With that said, I want to say “THANK YOU” to all the readers for your support through the last 4 years. It’s been a pretty amazing journey so far and I sincerely appreciate everything — comments, e-mails, meet ups, etc. It’s been an incredible ride…


Now, it’s time to focus on something else…


“For someone who was never meant for this world, I must confess I’m suddenly having a hard time leaving it. Of course, they say every atom in our bodies was once part of a star. Maybe I’m not leaving… maybe I’m going home.” — Vincent Freeman, Gattaca


You’ve only got one life to live!

Be real.

Be true.

Be yourself.


I’ll be back soon. Take care everyone! Until next time…



Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Brie Schmidt over at Turnkey-Reviews. Funny enough, Brie was one of my original role models when I first discovered Bigger Pockets and real estate investing.

It was a lot of [click to continue…]



As I’m writing this, oil and energy stocks are being taken to the woodshed… again. It’s been another BRUTAL day, and who would have thought a few months ago than an investor could pick up shares of a high quality company such as ConocoPhillips (COP) for sub $48/share and a dividend yield of 6.2%?

What can I say? It’s getting ugly out there! Over the last 6-7 years, investors have been heavily spoiled by this bull run, witnessing stocks only moving in [click to continue…]


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